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Corporate Identity

The Most Frequently Asked Questions in Corporate Identity Design


Corporate identity design is a difficult area that many designers cannot handle and covers very large areas. Since freelancers do not know how it is done and the fine details are not well known, it is not used much in earning, but corporate identity designs that offer very high earnings should be made by competent people. In addition, there are many confusing and unknown questions in this field.

What is Corporate Identity Design?

All the details of a brand, all the design and promotional materials that make the brand a brand are included in this field. It is a kind of identity of an institution. Each institution-specific design and every point that will remind the institution when viewed constitutes the corporate identity. Designing it is a job done by competent people and requires a lot of care and experience.

What does it contain?

Corporate identity should have many different contents. To give an example of the elements that realize the corporate identity; The products produced by the company and their packaging, exhibitions organized by companies, foyers, fairs, letterheads, envelopes, files, buildings, offices or construction sites, etc. referral tools, corporate publications and reports issued by companies, catalogs attached to companies, advertisements or brochures, business cards related to company employees, as well as invoices issued on behalf of the company, delivery notes and collection letters, company flags, promotional products such as notebooks, calendars or agendas. are the elements that make up the identity.

How should it be?

First of all, it is necessary to know that the design is done by competent people or teams, because corporate identity design, which requires talent and creativity from dozens of different fields, is one of the fields that promise high earnings today. At this point, creative design and content enable to create a higher quality corporate identity. Since the brand is the face of the people, it is necessary that the corporate identity design should be carefully and variedly well done in order for the brand to be in sales or in demand. The colors, fonts, slogans chosen should promote the brand in the best way and include good designs.

If you also need corporate identity design, you can contact us. As Creto Design team, we are happy to answer your questions.

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