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Corporate Identity

What are the Corporate Identity Design Stages?

Corporate identity design is a very detailed and multi-stage study. Therefore, the stages should be followed carefully and task distribution should be done by competent people in order to get a good result. This distribution of tasks should be based on the elements found in corporate designs. Corporate designs contain many elements. These elements can be listed as follows:

  • Vision-oriented corporate identity and purpose
  • A well designed logo
  • An interesting slogan or a motto with a sword in mind
  • Color palette that will enhance the effects of images and match the brand
  • Fonts that support a professional look
  • Graphics to support the brand in the digital world

There are certain elements and corporate identity is built on these elements. Each element should highlight the content and quality of the brand and attract people’s attention. Today, many brands generate income through advertising or commerce. Therefore, corporate identity should not only be design-oriented, but should also be designed with strategies that will yield financial benefits. There are general characteristics of corporate identity designs that are loyal to stages. For example, a design should be original and create a positive perception towards the brand. In addition, it should distinguish the brand from different brands and make the brand preferable. As the elements have been determined, the next step should be to follow the stages of corporate identity design. Basically, design is done in four different stages:

Design Phase

This stage is the longest and is the stage where the main work is done. A roadmap is determined in line with the wishes of the brand for which the corporate identity design will be made. Directives are taken from the brand, researches focused on the directives are made. With the data obtained after these researches, the most suitable design model is selected and customer satisfaction-oriented designs are made.

Timing Phase

Any project has a deadline. During this period determined by the brand and the designer team, appropriate planning and task distribution should be made and the design should be made in the most efficient way.

Presentation Phase

All designs made by the designer team are presented in detail to the decision makers of the institution. All materials are explained and delivered to the brand. Good presentation has a direct effect on the appreciation of the design.

Correction Phase

After the presentation, the points that are not liked or wanted to be changed are determined by the brand. Then, after revisions and improvements, the most suitable designs for the brand are reached.

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