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How to Make a Minimalist Logo Design?

Simple lines and elegant lines in logo design always attract attention. Logos with less detail and a simple look are more preferred, and even big brands sometimes prefer logos with a single pattern or plain text. Minimalist logo design, on the other hand, is a simple and easy-to-understand design that is far from all ornaments and empty details of the logo. A feature of minimalist designs is that they generally offer a modern look. Minimalist designs, which are among the design trends, have an up-to-date and very aesthetic appearance. When the logos of the world’s biggest brands are examined, it is seen that the common point of all of them is simple and meaningful logos. The first rule of logo designs lately is to catch the minimalist design.

Colors in Minimalist Logos

Color choices in minimalist design should also reinforce the simplicity of the logo. The purpose of minimalist logos, which are generally designed in black, white or gray color palettes, in these color choices is to avoid unnecessary coloring and to capture minimalism with simple colors. All colors have an effect on people. When the colors in such logos are examined; While white represents purity and simplicity, it provides a dynamic appearance. Black represents power and authority, and strong brands such as Adidas and Nike prefer this color in their minimalist logos. Since gray represents modernity and harmony, it can be used in many logos.

Points to be in Minimalist Logos

1. Appropriate Font Selection

The brand name written in the logo should be easily readable. It is very important to be understood immediately in line with the principles of minimalism. In addition, a simple and plain font selection along with familiar and elegant details will make the logo more effective.

2. Simple Symbols

The first step to catch the minimalist design in the designed logo is simple shapes and designs. In addition to appealing to the eye, designs that will emphasize simplicity and aesthetics are one of the ways to capture effective logo designs.

3. Not Missing the Trends

It is seen that many brands have changed their logos. This trend, which we see especially in car brands, aims to identify more aesthetic logos with the brand by simplifying the logos. In this direction, when logos worth millions of dollars are examined, it is seen that the trend is rather simplified logos. Even logos designed with just a few lines can gain great value with the meanings underneath.

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