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Logo Design

The Importance of Logo Designs for Companies

Firmalar İçin Logo Tasarımlarının Önemi

A logo acts as a signature for the brand. The designs in the logos affect the purchasing tendencies or perceptions of the consumers and bring the brand to the fore with fine details. Therefore, the logo acts as a very important face for a company, as many factors such as colors, symbols, fonts indirectly affect people’s preferences. In addition, with the difference of the logo, it can be easily stated that the company is different from its counterparts. Dynamic lines, warm colors affect people’s perspectives on that company.

Logo is a critical detail that creates a bond and creates value between companies and people. According to many studies, brands with logos that are insufficient to connect with people and that are far from warmth and modernity are not preferred. Logos, which benefit companies in many ways, not only add material value, but also add value in terms of quality. It is the identity of the brand that reflects this promise of value, distinguishes it from other products and paves the way for its popularization. The central element of identity is the logo of the institution. The logo is the first catchy statement about the brand for the consumer. Logos that are unique, plain, but contain fonts and colors suitable for the company do not bore people and are the logos that will make the first impression even if seen hundreds of times. Therefore, the fact that a logo is carefully and meaningfully designed by a good designer is one of the elements that add value to the company.

A logo appears on company business cards, websites or anywhere else imaginable. Therefore, it can be expressed as the representative of a company in visual communication tools. A logo can also be an abstract representation of the product or service being sold. Emblem, text or visual design elements describing the product or service that the brand is marketing represent the company. For example, Burger King’s logo includes both the word “burger” and the image of hamburger bread, reflecting the brand’s message to the consumer at first glance. However, the same design is not available for McDonalds, another fast-food chain famous for its hamburgers. Here, the logo does not include design elements that describe the type of product or service being sold. A brand can choose both ways in accordance with its own identity and strategy.

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