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Keyword, While producing a website content, the main purpose is to prepare the content in such a way that it will reach high quality and more clicks. The increase in the number of clicks depends on the SEO compatibility of the prepared content. The first rule of SEO compliance is to use optimized texts with appropriate words. Keywords are of great importance at this point. If the keywords in the texts are written through the search engines, the algorithm matches these searched words on your website and brings your site to the person who is searching.

Adding keyword-optimized texts to the site is a factor that increases the number of clicks. So how is keyword optimization done? This question has multiple answers. Well-optimized texts have different properties. The most important of these features and the feature that will increase SEO compliance many times is the selection of appropriate keywords. If the keywords are selected from the most searched words on the internet, when someone searches for this word, your content containing these words will appear. The point to be considered when choosing a keyword is to choose the most frequently searched word or phrases consisting of a few words. Tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool can be used while making the selection. These tools become a guide by showing which keywords are searched with how competitively.

Keywords are the foundation of SEO. Regardless of the content, it is the biggest factor that directly affects the number of clicks. For example, all of the words or concepts in a website are effective for people to reach the sites. Therefore, it is very important to use words that reflect the content of the website, even on different pages within the site. In addition, the frequency of these words used is also effective in optimizing. Keywords should be used quite often, but too many use can result in unfluent or suffocating text. Therefore, this balance should be ensured appropriately while preparing the text.
Conceptualization makes the words to be used more thinkable. Unlike abstract and complex phrases, keywords that express a simpler and clearer concept make the written content more prominent. It should not be forgotten that all searches in the search engine are based on words, and if the searched words match, your content appears before the searcher.

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