Creto Design ekibi olarak, bugüne kadar firmasını ve kendisini web dünyasında görmek isteyen yüzlerce firmaya ve kişiye hizmet verdik.


Did you know that internet sales in Turkey increased by 70% compared to last year? Even if you don’t realize it, online sales continue to increase a little more every day. With the increase in online sales, many businesses and individuals are starting to enter the internet environment. They present the products they produce or want to sell in front of users on the internet. In doing so, he has multiple options in front of him. Selling its products under another brand name and creating its own brand. In other words, it is either to enter the market or to have corporate web design done. These two options provide more or less a profit to their owners. But which one promises a future? Let’s examine it together.


While there are products that receive thousands of orders per day through e-commerce sites on the Internet, there are products that are ordered only infrequently. This is mainly determined by the popularity of the product, its price and transportation costs. You also need to determine how fast the product you produce or supply will be sold on the e-commerce site and whether you have sufficient equipment and personnel for this online sale. If you open an e-commerce site for a product that is not sold on the internet, the effort and money will be wasted or if you do not have a standard product that you can offer directly for sale, corporate web design will be the right choice for you.

So much so that websites are very important not only for making sales, but also for promoting your company correctly in the market you are in, and explaining what products you produce or can produce. An elegantly designed website, where you can produce products and services that you can produce upon special request, will gain the trust of potential customers and ensure that new orders come.

With a corporate web design prepared in the right dimensions, you will both beautify your window and tell your customers which products and services you offer in an easy way. In addition to these, you will enable your customers to reach you easily with Whatsapp support, call now, live support plugins on your website. If you are planning to have a stylish website with a new design, you can contact us.