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At the beginning of our article, we should mention that corporate identity and brand work are not the same. In the requests of potential customers coming to our agency, we see that they describe their brand work requests as corporate identity. However, a brand does not only consist of visual design elements. It also includes items that appeal to all of your consumer’s senses.
Corporate identity is how you visually reflect your brand to your customers, suppliers and employees. It is your face that is first seen when viewed from the outside.
Corporate identity studies include sectoral differences. In other words, the same corporate identity design is not created for every brand. Although the needs of the brands direct the corporate identity design here, we can include the following among the complete corporate identity works.

1. Brand Name
The name of the brand is actually the beginning of the identity. The brand name is followed by the logo design.
2. Logo
Logo is the cornerstone of identity work. In the process after the logo design is designed with fonts or symbols, the correct use of the logo, the incorrect use of the logo, the color palette of the logo, the use of black and white are included in the identity.
3. Font Usage – Corporate Font Usage
The brand’s unique font, the family and usage of this font are included in the identity.
4. Motto
Where and how the brand’s slogan will be used must be included in the identity design. We can specify whether the slogan will be used after the logo or together with the logo, as the part where the questions are answered and designed.
5. Business Card
Your business card design is created by appropriately reflecting your brand name, logo, slogan and contact information on your identity with the use of the chosen corporate font.
6. Letterhead and Follow-up Paper
Letterhead is a identity item that you use especially in internal and external correspondence. Letterhead; Includes tagline, logo, and contact information. The follow-up paper is created with the use of logo.
7. Envelopes
Bag envelopes, diplomat and money envelopes, windowed and windowless envelopes, air bubble envelopes, kraft envelopes, letter and cd/dvd envelopes are included in the identity design.
8. Files and Box Design
Files that are frequently used within the institution and file/box designs sent outside the institution are among the identity elements.
9. Folders
Folders that are widely used in-house are included in the identity with the distinction of logo and folder name in corporate identity design.
10. Invoices, Receipts and Receipts
We can collect invoice, waybill invoice, delivery note, expense note, collection receipt, payment receipt, special invoice designs, offer forms, order forms, business tracking receipts, order slip, cashier receipt and collection receipt under this category.
11. Cards, Certificates and Advertisements
Greeting cards, invitation cards, circulars, employee announcements and media advertisements to be sent by the brand as templates can be included in this category.
12. Flag and Dressings
Vehicle wraps, building wraps, billboards, flag, pennant, rollup, spider, stand and lectern designs are among the most frequently used identity tools of the brand, especially in the promotional processes.
13. Sign Designs
Direction signs suitable for identity, department name signs, external and internal signage designs can be included.
14. Packaging Designs
Corporate bags, bags, parcels, boxes can be included in the identity design.
15. Promotional Designs
Agenda, notepad, notebook, pen, usb, calendars can be included in this group. Promotional products can be expanded on a sectoral basis.
16. E-Mail Signature
Your signature that you add to your e-mail is one of the digital elements of your identity. It is recommended to include your name, address, website address and social media information in your e-mail signature.
17. Mailing Template
Mailing templates that you can use to reach new customers or developments in your brand should be added to the identity.
18. Website
A digital identity element, the website is the digital version of your brand.
19. Social Media Kit
If the logo works of social media accounts, the designs of the covers of the channels and the place of use of the logo will be included in your social media posts, the place of use of the logo must be included in the identity studies.
20. Corporate Identity Booklet
A identity booklet is created by adding a study on how all these identity studies should be used, and the identity study is completed.

In the food sector, there are also restaurant and employee elements that can be added to corporate identity studies. The following elements can be added to restaurant identity designs:
• Menu Design
• American Service Design
• Napkin holder
• Sugar Bowl
• Textile Products of Employees
• Handkerchief Studies
• Package Service – Transport Containers
• Courier Dress-ups
• Insert Studies
• Brochure Studies
• Restaurant Dressings
• One Vision Studies
• Opening and Campaign Canvases
• Ticket Receipt (if not digital)
• Guidance Signs
The items that should be added to the identity designs in the construction industry consist of the items to be launched during the customer’s visit.
• Sales Office Dressing
• Project Catalog Study
• Guidance Signs
• Vehicle Dressings
• Billboard Study
• Personnel Nameplates
Among the Health sector corporate identity studies such as Hospital, Clinic:
• Patient Guidance Signs
• Department Boards
• Information Leaflets
• Promotional Brochures
• Signs
• Nameplate Studies
In identity studies in the hotel or tourism sector:
• Signage Studies
• Guidance Signs
• Hotel Introduction Booklet
• Hotel Orientation Booklet
• Department Boards
• Nameplate Studies
In identity studies in the School or Education sector:
• Office and Class Signs
• Signage Study
• Nameplate Work
• Material Disclosure Studies
is important. We can expand identity design studies on a sectoral basis. The important point is that the message that the brand gives to the outside and its employees in this corporate identity work is not overlooked. Look everywhere, as we said. You can visit this page to get a corporate identity design proposal.