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Your social media accounts are a showcase that you have introduced to your competitors and potential customers on digital platforms of your brand. The style and style that this showcase is decorated with affects your reputation. In addition, failing to manage social media makes it difficult for you to become visible on the digital platform. Social media management ensures that your name and brand are mentioned on all platforms in the areas you serve, and your areas of influence develop.

Social media management aims to organize your brand profiles on social platforms, to allow customers to come across your brand name in searches related to the categories you serve, to draw a reliable brand image and to communicate directly with customers.

Brand Awareness

Increasing your brand awareness with social media management allows you to be more memorable. A must for corporate companies is social media management. Brand awareness is to eliminate the need for consumers to think twice before becoming a customer by placing itself in people’s life functions and gaining their habits. Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audiences are with your brand and how well they know your brand. The first step is to create brand awareness while marketing your products or company in the initial stages of businesses. Brand awareness will increase your credibility against your target audience.

The awareness of your brand creates the value of the brand. Its value is determined by the experiences of consumers and the perception of the brand. Positive perception creates positive brand values. The benefits of a positive brand can be to create more social impact, make more money and grow your business. Because of all these, brand awareness plays a very important role. Establishing a relationship of trust and creating positive associations between you and the target audience reveals your brand value.

Content Planning

Planning social media content suitable for your industry for your brands is called content planning. You have to highlight the product and service images of the value of your brand with quality images under the best headings. Professional content planning involves more than just sitting down and writing the text. Planning the right selected content increases the success of the companies. In order to reveal a correct planning strategy, it is necessary to use quality content. When the content is prepared, the content used by the rival companies should be analyzed. Once a goal has been set, you can start working with subject matter experts. Creating realistic timelines is part of planning the step towards implementation of a marketing strategy. The tasks to be done in content planning are as follows;
• Determining the content creation standards and following the entire team that prepares the content to comply with these standards,
• To make suggestions by conducting research during the content preparation phase,
• To determine the target audience,
• To plan on which platform and in what time period the content will be presented,
• Putting the plans into practice,
• To provide search engine optimization for digital channels,
• To report and analyze about the compliance of the content with the strategy,
• To support the marketing strategy by following the trends in content preparation.

Visual Design

Creating content on social media is the most important rule of social media management. After content planning, your media images are created. The images created are in a way that will highlight the awareness of your brand and the product. Designs that are compatible with the content and linked to your brand identity will enable you to convey your messages to your followers more effectively. On social media, most people look at the image before the content. A successful image will be a great supporter of your brand. Regardless of the product or service offered, you should take advantage of the power of visual design to reach your target audience. If we look at the statistical studies on this subject, it has been proven that the content with images is viewed 94% more than the content that is only text, and at the same time, 90% of the information in our brain is obtained through images.
In this case, in social media management, it is necessary to use visuality effectively to transfer the information to be shared with users.

Creating a Calendar

A monthly calendar is created as a result of analyzes suitable for your social media management. The created calendar is shared with you and the day the content will be published is displayed. Creating a content calendar and plan, which is the most important part in the social media management process, allows you to get more efficiency from your work in the order that you create with a certain strategy in the field of social marketing. Thanks to the shares determined in the content calendar, the conversion rate of the accounts increases. The publishing plans of your content are determined in a special way according to the goals and themes of your accounts. If you are not preparing a social media calendar and planning and you are trying to find something to share every day, you are stepping into big problems. It’s one of the common mistakes marketers make, and you can’t positively manage your social media accounts when the calendar isn’t ready.

It has been understood that social media accounts that share content by complying with content calendars receive more interaction and increase the number of followers. In order to attract the attention of the followers in the social media account, posts should be included other than the intended use of the accounts, and the accounts should be made useful.


It is important to make plans that motivate the user for social media management. Situations such as draws and asking questions are more important than content planning and creating visual content, such as preparing content that will attract the attention of the user.

It can show itself through different actions such as the method and forms of taking action, the sharing of brands on social media, the purchase of products, and the impression of their advertisements. It is necessary to increase the impressions with different ad series and target people to enjoy it. In this context, you can analyze your target audience and share. By creating more accurate strategies with these studies, the return on investment from planned marketing studies increases.

Another point to be considered when sharing content is to be sure when you will share your content. If you make your content during the time when social media is used the most, you will reach more masses. You should spread your content in a certain order and maintain this rule. While sharing content, attention should be paid to the style. Seeing ads constantly can annoy people and you can lose followers. The main purpose is to enjoy being on social media. Care should be taken to share content that preserves your own context, rather than continuous advertisements.


Quality content on social media platforms always brings more engagement. Quality interactions enable your social media channels to grow more easily and gain followers. Social media platforms are not always a platform to market your products and services. It is an area where you can establish a relationship of trust with your target audience. Advertising is a one-way communication tool.
Produce useful content that informs and entertains your reader. Ideas that can attract people’s attention increase the interaction rate. Try not to stray from current issues. You must share content that is appropriate for the social media platforms you have been on. Sharing different content on each different platform always keeps the attention of the target audience. Leaving the links to your social media accounts at the end of your content posts will also help increase your follower count. Buying followers on social media does not increase engagement. Rather than the number of followers, the sharing rate of the content and the comments received are sufficient criteria to measure the interaction.

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