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What Should Be Considered While Creating a Website?

Web Sitesi Oluştururken Nelere Dikkat Edilmeli?

There are many websites on the Internet. Some of these sites can easily stand out in search engines. The first and most basic feature of a website is that when the search terms related to this site are searched, your site appears in front of those who search. That’s why SEO and quality infrastructure on the site are very important. Even a site that is very well designed and contains quality content is not clicked, the rest will not matter. Therefore, there are many points to be considered in both design and infrastructure.

Producing Original Content

The biggest mistake I encountered while making a website was that the content was taken from the internet using the copy-paste method (without samples). Investigate the license status and authenticity of the photos you will use. If possible, only have images attached to your website. Again, the articles, but the unexampled content that you have. So creativity is an important factor. This will significantly affect your position in search engines.

Web Site Design and SEO Compliance

If your website is not built with a friendly infrastructure to search engines, it will be a site visited only by your employees and acquaintances. However, the main purpose of the website is to find new customers and provide easy access for people to your services. There are many tools you can use to detect if your website is SEO-friendly. With a little search on search engines, you can have basic knowledge in a short time with many tools and articles.

Glamorous Colors and Designs

The most attention-grabbing place on a site is the upper left corner, which comes from our reading habit. For this reason, when we enter a website, including ourselves, we always look at the top of the site and expect to be directed by titles, images or links.

Therefore, one of the most important things to do would be to attach the logo or the name of the site to a zone in the left corner. If the logo and site name are insufficient to describe the business on their own, you can emphasize what the website is about by enriching it with a slogan.

In addition to these, you must include buttons that allow you to quickly switch to the pages of the Site. (Home, Contact, About etc.) Users should be able to access the information they want quickly and conveniently.

While preparing the web page, both the background that does not strain the eyes and the font colors that are easy to read should be chosen. Because; complexity can drive the customer away from the site. We should avoid using too many colors, if possible, we should use at most three colors intensely. Another point we will pay attention to is the color of the site logo. In general, the colors found in the site logo are chosen as the main color in the site design. 

If you also need a web site design, you can contact us. As Creto Design team, we are happy to answer your questions.

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