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What is WordPress? How To Make A WordPress Website?

WordPress is an open source content management system software developed with PHP and MySQL, licensed under the GPL (General Public License). At the last point reached with wordpress, which was developed as a blog software at the beginning, it is possible to create many websites such as a blog site, news site, corporate company site, e-commerce site, game site, marketplace site, donation site, social media-like sites, forum site. has become.

With themes and plugins written for WordPress, these features can be increased optionally and made suitable for the desired project. For example, it is possible to add additional options to the wordpress system, such as registration of real estate advertisements, creation of real estate properties, which are required for a real estate site.

WordPress is secure. Current versions of WordPress are made highly secure. Considering that security is very important for a website, we can say that wordpress meets expectations at this point.

Millions in use today! Approximately 30 percent of the site has been developed with the WordPress infrastructure. As you can see from this information, wordpress is a very useful system.