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When you access the internet via smart phones, you will see that some pages fit on the screen completely. When you enter some internet addresses, you will see that the page does not fit the screen completely and there are shifts. You should know that this situation is related to responsive design.

Website owners need to make their designs responsive in order to provide a perfect screen view prepared for smart phones. The meaning of this term; Also called responsive and fully compatible websites.

Now we can see that the use of smartphones and tablets is increasing, and even children are turning into toys in their hands. Due to the small screens of smartphones and tablets, pictures and texts are deformed when accessing the Internet from such devices.

Responsive design, developed to prevent this situation, ensures that a compatible view is achieved by making the site smaller according to the screen size of the smartphone.


Due to the increasing number of mobile users, we can say that websites with responsive design have more unique visitors than other platforms. Since it can change size instantly, we can see that there are big differences in site opening speeds.

The responsive factor is among the more than 200 criteria of SEO and is one of the most effective and easy ways to gain promotion. As we mentioned earlier, we can see that the internet addresses that have switched to this design have gained an increase in the number of visitors in a short time. Internet addresses that do not have this development make different qualities for each device and face high costs.

You do not need to have a completely new design for responsive design. You can make your website responsive for all platforms with special codes to be written in the theme you have.

If you do not have coding knowledge, you should know that there are internet and digital media agencies that can do this kind of work. In line with the actions to be taken by professional teams, you can get a mobile design image in a few days. Especially if you have an internet address with high traffic, you need to switch to responsive design without waiting.