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The designs that aim to increase the user experience and interaction offer much more than the usual graphics in a functional way. Considering the existence of two rapidly changing factors such as creativity and technology, it is not surprising that web design trends and techniques are constantly changing. Here are the new web design trends with minimalist themes where emotional design stands out!

Dark Mode for Enhanced User Experience

Placing light-colored text, icons, and interface elements on a dark background may seem simple, but it’s a powerful technique. It seems unlikely that the dark mode trend, which dominates 2021, will end in 2022, with its significant benefits to users such as reducing eye stress and saving battery life beyond its elegant appearance. Famous websites and mobile applications such as YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Chrome, as well as the latest versions of Android and Apple operating systems, turn off the lights one after another.


Minimal Design with Timeless Lines

Minimalism is a classic web design trend that will never go out of style. Although its forms and features have changed over the years, the basic elements of this elegant style are still preserved in original web design works. Minimal design elements; It wins the hearts of users and designers with elegance, usability and simplicity. In web design, minimalism can mean anything from minimalist graphics and limited color variations, to minimal content and minimal click-through navigation. The fastest way to achieve minimalism on a website is to replace large paragraphs with visual content in the form of a video clip or image.


Brilliant Colors and Futuristic Details

The year 2021, where isometric design techniques and bright colors will come to the fore, offers its users more eye-catching pages than ever before. Bright neon color schemes like blue, purple, and pink make websites look modern and futuristic. In addition to the deeper and darker tones, the designs that stand out with their bright colors give the website a modern look.


Handwriting and Emotional Design Elements

The user-centered approach in web design significantly increases the use of handwritten items. Cartoon illustrations, hand-drawn icons and handwriting serve important purposes such as emotional connection, inspiration and a personal touch. This trend, which showed itself strongly in 2021, is expected to continue in 2022 with an increasing effect.