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What Are The Web Site Modern Design Standards?

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Today, the internet has become a place where everyone can access and do many things. Basically, people access content with unlimited possibilities through websites. Therefore, websites can be defined as virtual shops or sales places. The designs of these workplaces are very important. Well-designed and eye-catching websites are one zero ahead, but are in a different position from similar sites. There are certain standards in a website design. The standards contain the elements that make up the modern look and quality infrastructure. In addition, modern websites should contain well-thought-out details. Designing these details requires both design and software competence.

There are common points in modern designs. The first of these points is the choice of color. Colors are one of the most important points for a website. Interesting colors can directly change people’s choices and perception. Besides colors, fonts and logos are also very important. Bold and innovative fonts add to the modernity of site design. The logo, on the other hand, is an indispensable element of both the brand and the website, and well-designed is one of the modern design standards.

In order for the hosting to work for the website, you need to get hosting in the country you are in or serve. Google and clever search engine optimization want your server to be located in the same country as your website’s target audience. If the products or services on your website appeal to Turkey, it is very important that your website server is in Turkey. In order to be listed in search engines according to the inputs of your target audience, optimizations must also be made within the scope of hosting. Generally, providers located in Turkey and providing services will gain advantage in searches made through Google Turkey.

Internet imagination models used today are examined in 3 groups. These:

  • Responsive Website Design – Responsive
  • Adaptation Web Design – Adaptive
  • Liquid Web Design – Liquid

Responsive web design aka Responsive Design; mobile stands for harmonious and precise design. It is one of the most popular designs of recent days. Adaptation designs, on the other hand, refer to envisioning using fixed dimensions. It is applied proportionally to the screen width. It is ensured that the page shrinks without deteriorating its structure until it reaches the previously determined resolution, and when the determined size is reached, it focuses on other resolutions. Liquid web design, on the other hand, is a design that achieves the growth of the page from standard resolution to large resolution without disturbing the content of the page. In shrinkage, on the other hand, it is ensured that its structure is reduced up to a certain resolution without spoiling it.

If you also need a modern website design, you can contact us. As Creto Design team, we are happy to answer your questions.

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