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E-Commerce Web Site Design

The Importance of Design in E-Commerce Sites


In e-commerce projects, in addition to the quality of the content, the quality of the design also increases the success of direct trade. Since online designs directly affect users, even the smallest elements should be carefully designed as well as well thought out.

E-commerce sites are very important for businesses that sell products and services on the internet with e-commerce. Because e-commerce sites are the name given to the types of sites where brands bring their products to consumers and make sales.
The more customer-oriented and professional an e-commerce site is set up, the more likely businesses are to make sales. For this reason, there are many important points to consider when setting up your e-commerce site.

If we talk about today’s designs, it is important for you and your users to work for the audience you have set, in terms of eye and order qualities, instead of turning your designs into soup, by saying that whatever it is, let’s explain this and show this. If you think about the design for your customer profile, not for yourself, you will increase customer satisfaction. We recommend that you be simple in order to keep customers on your site, who are starting to be selective in their retention and promotion qualities in the face of constantly popping up advertisements and mixed designs everywhere.

You should pay attention to these and continue with the words, characters, font colors, fonts and a design that is free from confusion; You need to establish the dominance of typography, which is the art and technique of expression. The most popular designs in recent years cause us to get lost in the site. It is necessary to adjust the duration of stay on the site in a way that does not impair customer satisfaction. Sometimes we are asked to enter many places even for a simple transaction we are looking for. As a user, you yourself will be uncomfortable with this situation. Therefore, it is useful to prepare a simple content and a design that is compatible with it as much as possible.

In e-commerce sites, design features are the first of the essentials. Because the more professionally the design of an e-commerce site is created, the more the trust in the company increases, and this positively affects the sales of the businesses.

For this reason, e-commerce companies should consider design features when establishing an e-commerce site or examining e-commerce packages. The imagination features needed in e-commerce sites are as follows;

  • Responsive Design and Theme Usage
  • Site Search Feature
  • Categorization Structure
  • Banner and Slider Areas
  • Corporate Pages

If you also need a logo design, you can contact us. As Creto Design team, we are happy to answer your questions.

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