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3 Features That E-Commerce Websites Should Have

Today, most of the shopping is done online. Almost everything is on sale on dozens of different e-commerce sites. There are definitely points that should be on the web pages of e-commerce sites. When one of these points is missed, bad user experiences are encountered. When creating a sales website, you should make sure it has essential features. The first and most basic of these features is an easy design. Like all websites to be created, the e-commerce website should be understandable and quite simple. Complex sites are always driving users away from the site. Therefore, the first rule to consider when creating an e-commerce website is to create a system where transactions can be made simply and without difficulty.

1. Detailed Product Introductions

When choosing a product, users want to know the features and all the details of the product. It is seen that more shopping is done on e-commerce sites that offer the product in more detail. Having a long promotional text under the product on the website can cause an aesthetically bad situation. Therefore, a page where the product is promoted other than the main page of a product, or a promotional text that can be seen more as they click, allows people to buy a product more and make a safer shopping by knowing what they are buying.

2. Various Categories

All those who want to shop, while entering a shopping site, want to buy by examining different products in their favorite categories. On a good e-commerce website, products should be categorized. It is very important that the detailed categories are located in an easily accessible place on the main page of the site, while the site is being designed, as well as making the searched product easier to find. Categories should be prepared focusing on user experience and choices. User trends should be analyzed well and detailed categories should be created according to the analysis.

3. Adaptation to Different Systems

Many people do their online shopping on mobile devices. The site should be accessible with different operating systems and many types of devices. This convenience is one of the important features that will enable the e-commerce site to attract more visitors. The site to be created must be integrated into mobile and desktop systems. In addition, the sites prepared with a strong infrastructure are always ahead in terms of security. In addition, mobile access should not be forgotten when designing an e-commerce site and mobile-friendly designs should be made.

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